• Shiso – Jalapeno Cocktail Recipe
  • Shiso – Jalapeno Cocktail Recipe

Shiso – Jalapeno Cocktail Recipe

My friend Arley Marks and I have been playing around with the Salad For President/Morris Kitchen cocktail syrup I made from the Shiso and Jalapeno that I grew at the MoMA PS1 Salad Garden, and I think we came up with the perfect drink for this time of year. It makes use of the summer harvest, and brings us into the Fall with concord grapes and tangy sumac. Concord grapes are like the closest thing in nature to a grape Jolly Rancher. They have a tart, intense flavor on the skin, and a sweet gooey flesh inside. We are only using the skin for the cocktail, to lend color and a tanic flavor, but don’t throw out the insides! Eat them.

Arley opened my eyes to the idea of using sumac in a cocktail (I use sumac liberally on salad and middle eastern fare, but I had never added it to a beverage before now). This was a brilliant idea. Sumac is lemony and tangy, and perfect on the rim of the glass. And of course, if you don’t feel like buying all these ingredients, just mix the syrup with some tequila or vodka and some big ice cubes and call it a day.



1/2 oz. Morris Ktichen/Salad For President Shiso – Jalapeno Syrup
1.5 oz vodka
1/2 oz Lillet
5 – 6 fresh shiso leaves
1/4 lemon (peel on)
1 concord grape (just the skin, not the flesh)
3 tbs ground sumac


Create a pool of sumac powder on a small dish. Take 1/2 lemon and we the rim of your cocktail glasses. Spin the rim of the glasses in the sumac until the rims are coated in the sumac. Set aside. Shake Shiso – Jalapeno Syrup bottle before use. In a cocktail shaker, combine vodka, Lillet, Shiso – Jalapeno Syrup, 1/4 lemon (squeezed and then left whole), shiso leaves and skin of a concord grape. Muddle aggressively for a good 60 seconds to release the oils from the citrus peel and shiso. Fill shaker with ice cubes, shake vigorously. Strain cocktail through a fine meshed sieve into glasses, garnish with lemon zest and shiso leaf.